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Just how do we define ourselves?

a)    By the standards of others?

b)    By your own irrational tributes to yourself?

c)    By your accomplishments in life?

d)    By the praise you receive from others?

e)    By the praise you bestow upon yourself?

It is my experience that if you attempt to define yourself by the standards of others you will fail to reach a conclusion because “they “are not you! Others can only see things through their own eyes, not yours!


If you falsely praise yourself, you will not see your shortcomings and the need to repair them for your benefit and, the benefit of mankind.


If you attempt to count your successes as a definition of you, are you giving your powers and conclusion of self to someone or something other yourself.


If you accept the praise from others as defining who you are, are you running the risk of being as they define you to be and, not how you see yourself as being?


·         Is the praise you bestow on yourself real and not imaginary?


·         Can one define oneself by the deeds they perform for others?


·         The helping hand in the time of need?


·         Praise given selflessly?


·         Or, by the goodness in oneself, mentored by tireless mentors because they cared about you your character?


Are you prepared to move it forward?



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