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Why Should Someone do Business With You?

Business Services of Tamps Bay, LLC Palm Harbor, Florida 34684 727-785-9554 Personal and Organizational Development Business Brokerage services, Why Should Someone do Business With You? Often times one starts a business with anticipation that others out there will love their invention, service or product and bust down their door to get it in large numbers and with deep pockets, money is no object.… Continue reading

Food For Thought

Business Services of Tampa Bay, LLC 727-785-9554 Personal and Organizational Development As an entrepreneur, it is you who make or break your business. There is no one else to give directions, make decisions, take on the challenges; you must decide for yourself what success is and plan to be or reach that level of success.… Continue reading


What price? What value? What symptoms? What’s wrong? What is there to FIX? Business Coaching and consulting at times can be confusing. I.e. exactly what does a business coach do? You can liken the services performed by a business coach to that of your trusted auto technician. 1. Your car is not running well so you bring it into your technician’s shop.… Continue reading

Who Sleeps In Your Skin?

“Who Sleeps In Your Skin?” The title is just the beginning of an exciting and inspiring journey that author and professional coach Nicholas R. De Stefano provides to readers of all ages – especially those who want to achieve their dreams. Through a series of questions that challenge us to think about how our past and present can affect our future thinking, Mr.… Continue reading

Your Inner Child

We have all heard about “the inner child.” The problem is “What is the inner child’s motivation and how do you channel the energy or focus on this child?” Author Nicholas (Nick) R. De Stefano uses his personal experiences to write a book that ensures us we all have more than one thing in common.… Continue reading

Effective Communication

How often have you tried and failed to increase the performance of your workers and their productivity and your revenue? How often have you given up in frustration because everything you tried has failed to ignite the fire and passion of your employee? Have you ever considered that you actually do have the stimuli to inspire but you have yet to discover how to use it?… Continue reading

Using your Courage

For most of our life our dreams and desires have been mirrored by the demands of our guardians and superiors. Seldom if ever have we been asked to share our dreams and aspirations or how we intended to reach them. Perhaps we were not asked to share our thoughts about our dreams and desires because our handlers felt the need to protect us from failures or harm.… Continue reading

What is the sound of courage?

Could it be the sound of that door opening before you that you presumed would always be closed to you? Is it the sound of someone saying to you, when can you start to work for us? Could it be the sound of silence where nothing in this world matters to you but tranquility?… Continue reading

Effective Sales Presentation

Ponder if you will the concept that you truly believe in the work you do. You believe you offer benefits and services that will enhance the value of those who accept them. • You are proficient in what you do. • You are knowledgeable and professional in your career. • You understand your competition and their products.… Continue reading

Learn To Fly Solo

Flying solo. What does that mean? To me it means being independent. It means being able to do what I want to do, accomplish what I hope to accomplish, without having to rely upon the help of others. Not that the help of others is bad. It can often be quite good.… Continue reading
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