Discover what is keeping you from moving forward in life and rid yourself of those shackles of the past!

Why do we practice Call Reluctance?

Clearly as sales representatives we recognize the need to be in front of others to deliver our message and make that sale! We truly believe that our product or service is of value to our customers and will benefit them greatly. Yet, we hesitate to contact our prospect. So, why is it that we hesitate to contact our prospect and tell them the good news that we must share with them?… Continue reading

What is your inner value?

In my book “Who Sleeps In Your Skin?” I discuss our journey in life and compare that to a river’s existence. Each has an origin and each has a destiny; both share its value with mankind. We begin our journey intuitively at birth with a destiny as a river knows its destiny-a purpose in life where we share with mankind all that our earth has shared with us.… Continue reading

Have you ever asked?

• Where has the time gone today, yesterday? • How do I find time to do all the things in life that I want to do? • How will I find more time to spend with my family, my friends, my hobbies? • Why do I find it difficult to delegate activities to others?… Continue reading

Are your subordinates following your directives?

A leader must lead, precisely: 1. Is the author’s directive clear and precise and in writing? 2. Is it clear and precise to the recipients? a. Often a directive is clear to the author but received differently by the recipients. Care must be taken to clearly and accurately convey your message leaving no doubt as to its meaning or intent.… Continue reading

Listen well to experience this!

If you listen well, you will experience a new reality based on your perception of the picture I am about to paint for you. Allow yourself to be drawn away, carried to a place of pleasure. I want to take you on a journey to a place not so far away and experience a delight completely to your making.… Continue reading

Resume Video

I have a client who is a veteran and seasoned videographer who wishes to add Resume Video to his portfolio of services for his clients. This service would include the actual interview, recording, editing, coaching and profile evaluation including distribution of the finished product to prospective employers. Is this a service one would be interested in using?… Continue reading

Book Review by Jim Webb

Who Sleeps in Your Skin – WSIYS – by Nick De Stefano Who Sleeps in Your Skin – Book Review by Jim Webb 3-10-09 Roll up your sleeves and sharpen both your wit and your pen. Nick De Stefano has drawn a line in the Sand. On one side… your past and the other, the realization of your Dreams.… Continue reading

Abstract By Anna Marie Dunn, Who Sleeps In Your Skin?

Who Sleeps In Your Skin? By Nicholas R. De Stefano Abstract By Anna Marie Dunn We have all heard about “the inner child.” The problem is “What is the inner child’s motivation and how do you channel the energy or focus this child?” Author Nicholas (Nick) R. De Stefano uses his personal experiences to write a book that ensures us we all have more than one thing in common.… Continue reading

New Era Networking event Thursday, March 31, 2011

I must say Joe Malinowski did a great job last Thursday demonstrating his expertise with social Media. Joe knows his stuff! I can’t say that I learned anything, however. Could it be that the meeting was dominated by Mr. Fire, Doug Zettles? I had a difficult time following Joe with Mr.… Continue reading

If you as a leader are planning on transforming your organization or company, what would your first step be?

Your question did not specify the size of the company. So, I chose to make an assumption for my answer. This is an outline of my suggestion. Ask, if you require a complete thought and process: Assuming that this a company with many employees, and one has an idea of where they want change to lead them, I would first start with the hypothesis of why you must change and where this change will lead your company and decide if this is exactly where you want to be.… Continue reading
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