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I think the reason we have competition is because we have come to accept the notion that we must have competition in what we do. With the absorption of having competition all your marketing efforts are spent identifying to your clients who you think your competitors are and wasting your time, money and effort combating a perceived enemy and bringing your clients to your perceived competitors door step.… Continue reading

The Survival Power Tool Kit (excerpt)

The Survivor Power Tool Kit including: the MOTIVATIONAL POWER TOOLS associated with the Survivor Power Tool Kit. The Motivational power tool of Choice. The motivational power of choice has been given to you by your creator. You alone must decide your path to destiny, no one else! The choices made for your journey towards your destiny are yours alone to embrace!… Continue reading


Learn to Fly Solo by Nicholas R. De Stefano I discovered from within that I could be the person I choose to be. However, in order to accomplish that, I had to have complete faith and trust in myself, my instincts, my thoughts, objectives and most of all, courage to make it all happen.… Continue reading

The Survival Power Tool Kit

Would you agree that all animals on this earth have one thing in common-the instinct for survival? And, since animals do not think, using only their instinct, they never falter in survival. Would you also agree that because of your instinct to survive is so compelling we sometimes allow ill-conceived ideas to push us into making wrong choices?… Continue reading


If you don’t support the weak, the weak will over burden the strong rendering them unsupported and leaning towards failure Supporting the weak shows the enduring strength of the strong for self preservation… Continue reading


Branding a product, company, city or an idea is not a mere slogan or saying. Branding must capture the essence and style of the BRAND; what the Brand stands for, what a recipient will receive from the brand and at the same time give a visual, sound and sight of what is branded.… Continue reading


Like any structure a house is the sum of its parts, some parts weaker than others the weaker only strengthened by the stronger. Thus it is with family the core from which we descend! The family unit is primeval to all-a unit created by the sum of its parts that make up the core of the unit of which is family.… Continue reading


A High School drop-out who earned his GED while in the US Army stationed in Verdun, France. After earning a BSBA from Bryant University with a major in Management and a Minor in Economics Nick later moved on to Providence College to study in the MBA program for Industrial Management. Although no degree was awarded from the MBA program the experience further kindled the desire for Entrepreneurship.… Continue reading

Driving me self crazy!

Okay, so you are a successful entrepreneur with many years experience doing what it is that you do. You started a business and you have made a lot of money-but are you successful? There is a storm ahead as you drive off, wondering. You are driving along reflecting on what a great job you have done directing your business-or, have you done a great job?… Continue reading

“Is an Abundance of Prosperity, Metaphorical?”

In reference to reading my book “Who Sleeps In Your Skin”? In where I suggest one may experience an abundance of prosperity, a friend asked me the following question “Is an Abundance of Prosperity, metaphorical?” Not at all, I exclaimed! Most people think of material things like a house or a car or, money (Material things) of which I am not embracing, as a measure of prosperity.… Continue reading
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