Discover what is keeping you from moving forward in life and rid yourself of those shackles of the past!

Change Your Life Forever!

I will never have a bad day again, never! Something bad may happen to me during a day but I will not allow that to upset my happy day. I am in complete control of my happiness, no one else, present or in the past. Survivor Power Tools and Workshop… Continue reading


If you want to increase your performance ie increase sales, maybe you should think of using a new system rather than relying on the one that is broken and possibly outdated! Not sure? Go here for guidance:… Continue reading

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Use it wisely!… Continue reading

Staying STRONG

One stays strong by NOT denying themselves of their needs rather they seek out nourishment to bolster self!… Continue reading


When one feels entitled one is not deserving!  … Continue reading


What is my contribution to mankind? Recently, I attended a networking event when during a conversation revolving around motivational speaking I was asked by one of the participants in this discussion, what someone could learn from me. I have never thought about what someone could learn from me, never! Although I say that I am in the teaching mode of my life, I have not given any thought to what someone could LEARN from me.… Continue reading

Helping those in need will result in a humbling experience for you!

I want to take a moment and thank AARP and the Salvation Army for the opportunity for me to recently serve those in need through the Salvation Army office in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Although this was a temporary assignment with the Salvation Army while an employee had and recovered from an operation, I must profess that this assignment to assist those in need was the most humbling and rewarding thing I have ever experienced in my life!… Continue reading

Don’t let life’s challenges drag you down!

Stay true to yourself!… Continue reading

I want to work with you in your business

Hello: I can help you with organizing the work flow in your business. I can help you with reducing your costs associated with running your business. I can assist when you are busy. I can motivate your subordinates so that they will increase their out-put so that you can earn more money and pass it on to your family.… Continue reading

Show your appreciation and support all veterans for your good fortune and FREEDOM!

I whole heartedly salute and respect all veterans for their courage, pride, bravery and, unselfishness that has allowed all Americans and free people of the world to live the joyful and prosperous lives that each of us have and, to live our lives the way we want in FREEDOM!… Continue reading
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