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Inner Value

In my book “Who Sleeps In Your Skin?” I discuss our journey in life and compare that to a river’s existence. Each has an origin and each has a destiny; both share its value with mankind. We begin our journey intuitively at birth with a destiny as a river knows its destiny-a purpose in life where we share with mankind all that our earth has shared with us.… Continue reading


MARKETING Or the lack of effective Marketing Marketing is a misunderstood term. Often misused and mostly misunderstood by those of us who use the term, “Marketing” has been used to describe a process of, or involvement in, sales, advertising (print, video or air) or, customer service or customer support or, telemarketing (people using the telephone to call potential customers with an offer of some kind) internet sales and, sometimes a performance by one in a similar persuasion.… Continue reading

Was President Obama Fantasizing When…?

Did president Obama fantasize when giving monies away to big businesses? I have awakened many mornings since dollar gifts were given away and found nothing like a “stimulus package” in my house that would benefit me and my family! It’s OK to pretend but, don’t forget I will get older and develop a “new reality from which to choose”!… Continue reading

On starting your own business

Starting a Business Many people decide to venture into their own business with little or no knowledge of what it takes to run a business. These brave souls generally are proficient at a particular task or, one simply chooses to be an entrepreneur. Sometimes, little thought and or preparation is given to the business function itself.… Continue reading

Have you ever asked?

Have you ever asked? Where has the time gone today? How do I find time to do all the things in life that I want to do? How will I find more time to spend with my family, my friends, my hobbies? Why do I find it difficult to delegate activities to others?… Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!… Continue reading
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