Discover what is keeping you from moving forward in life and rid yourself of those shackles of the past!



Does it not seem logical that before we join with another, as we flow towards our destiny, we must first learn to understand and trust ourselves?   But first, preparation is needed to make clear our murky waters.   We must crystallize our vision so we will clearly see the obstacles in our way towards our destiny.… Continue reading


  Just how do we define ourselves? a)    By the standards of others? b)    By your own irrational tributes to yourself? c)    By your accomplishments in life? d)    By the praise you receive from others? e)    By the praise you bestow upon yourself? It is my experience that if you attempt to define yourself by the standards of others you will fail to reach a conclusion because “they “are not you!… Continue reading

STRATEGIC PLANNING What direction do you want to grow your business? Assuming of course that you want to grow your business, what position do you want your business to be in, in the big scheme of things? What position do you want your company to occupy? Where do you want to grow your business?… Continue reading

The SECRET to being a better Communicator!

Learn the art of listening!… Continue reading


If swallowing a pill would help you make better choices in life and work, would you? If you could easily swallow a pill that would help you make better choices in your life and business, would you do that? If that pill would be the tool you needed to optimize your self-worth, wouldn’t you cherish that pill and use it often?… Continue reading


I was just wondering; Are love and hate related emotions?  … Continue reading

Change Your Life Forever!

I will never have a bad day again, never! Something bad may happen to me during a day but I will not allow that to upset my happy day. I am in complete control of my happiness, no one else, present or in the past. Survivor Power Tools and Workshop… Continue reading


If you want to increase your performance ie increase sales, maybe you should think of using a new system rather than relying on the one that is broken and possibly outdated! Not sure? Go here for guidance:… Continue reading

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Use it wisely!… Continue reading

Staying STRONG

One stays strong by NOT denying themselves of their needs rather they seek out nourishment to bolster self!… Continue reading
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