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You are a Marksman.

With your rifle, every potential client you took aim at in a targeted group, you conquered.

  • How would you feel about that?

If you used a shotgun, or a pellet gun to conquer the same potential clients, missing most.

  • how would you feel about that?

With a rifle and with only one bullet to use, you will always hit your target, because taking your time and aim works best. You will always win.

A shotgun is used when your chasing a group of clients who are difficult to corral, hoping to hit just one.

With a targeted group, each target is defined, you’re sure to mark the one of choice.

With a shotgun, you take a gamble to win your choice because you are chasing a posse, many targets, not just one target.

Target Marketing.

You have taken the time to identify the demographics of a group or individual you want to address and win their trust. Because the target is unique, your marketing efforts are unique as well. Your Target Marketing has been reduced to that one group of choice. Your message is unique and spot-on for that target, and only for that target.

You have studied this group, you understand this group. Your marketing efforts will pertain only to this group. Simplified, you are better armed to win-over this group.

Concentrating your efforts to win-over this one group that you have studied and determined this group is the best target for your efforts. Essentially this is your High-Value Target.

Now that you have decided on your High-Value Target, your efforts to know well this target, to plan for this target, and to win-over, this target has been made much easier to conquer—much more cost-effective and best of all, for your Return-on-Investment, your ROI.

Have you a Target Market?

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