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ATTENTION: Human Resource Department

Fight back against negative employees who bring their negative lifestyle and disruptive opinions to work. Interfere before they get to their workstation by giving them the tools they need to work with before they get to their workstation.

But, you are not a policeman, you may not notice bad behavior in order to intervene. Unless you’re trained to notice bad behavior and have the ability to intervene, you won’t.

Bad or negative behavior will slip by you and into their workstation. It is here, at the workstation, where bad tempers and poor work ethics will be manifested—out of your control, ultimately having a negative effect on production, not to mention the goodwill of your company.

Of course, it’s not your business as to why employees bring negative attitudes to work. But, they do, every day.

What you care about is the positive pulse of your organization, and you want that pulse to continue. But, you also know how negative employees will influence another worker who may be on the fence between reality and fantasy.

Those same negative employees may have a negative effect on your clients as well.

You can’t actually police every interaction between employees or employees with clients, but you can take steps to influence your employees, the one who brings negativism to the workplace and the ones on the fence, too.

You can give them the tools they need to fight their negativism and bring positive values to themselves, ultimately bringing a positive attitude and work ethics into your business.

How will you do that? Easily, with the Survivor Power Tool Kit and Motivational Power Tools Workshop.

Working in small peer groups, participants will discuss each Power Tool that will affect their lives with others in the group, from which they will chisel a result from each tool that fits with them.

Once given the tools, each one will recognize the personal issues that are holding them back and apply the tool of choice to resolve that issue, they will then come to work with a more favorable mindset that will manifest itself in higher and more positive production.

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