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By Nicholas R. De Stefano
Dateline: Washington, DC

From his bully pulpit, President Donald J. Trump begins to live up to his campaign
Promises, by decrees!

Mr. Trump recently signs an Executive Order banning Muslims from entering the United
States of America, a country proud of its Immigrant Status, causing an uproar in the world.

The United States is a culmination of Immigrants from all over the world. How is it that
we pompously decree the denial of entry to Her Shores by what appears to be a BULLY in the
Oval Office?

It took the courage of a Federal Judge, the Honorable James Robart, to halt the
enforcement of this decree claiming the order violates the Constitution of the United States of

Not only did the Order cause confusion and dismay within our governing agencies, it
caused the same from around the world including demonstrations against this decree. It appears
forethought had not a place in this decision.

Furthermore, it appears Mr. Trump may not have read the Constitution of the United
States. Regardless, he clearly intends not to follow the Constitution as evidenced by his behavior.

Moreover, aren’t the American People franchised with a president of all the people? It
would seem by Mr. Trumps’ behavior so far, that the American people have not.

Must we, the American people, stand by while our President insults our allies? Must we
accept our President to argue openly with an international friend for the world to hear, with one
of our strongest allies and supporters, and without prior confrontation as evidence?

Recently, we have heard allies of the United States begin to speak of the United States in
the Past Tense. It sounds like our allies, if not openly distancing themselves from our Bully
President, see the United States as not being of such sound judgement today, as in the past.

Is it possible the United States, in just two short weeks, is beginning to unravel all
the good it has acquired from around the world, that has taken so many generations to build?

I hear uprising in motion, not only within our shores, but from around the world as well.

I sense others around the world are feeling less secure in their hamlets today because the
President of the United States is acting as a Bully, not of sound judgment as one would expect
from the President of all the people, the President of the Free World, the President of the United
States of America.

Where is the World Leader of the mightiest nation on earth?

Is it not reasonable to expect sound judgement with adequate research and forethought
from our President of the United States before implementing confrontational objectives?

As with all bullies, their intention is to demand from you what is best for them.

Bullies care not of your thoughts or rights, but for theirs only. It seems to me, no care or,
very little care has been given to the fallout from the citizens of these United States of America
or from the people around the world when a demand is pronounced from the Oval Office.

One may say they care about your welfare, but when one’s actions contradict one’s
statement, it is time for change! What shall we expect next to further erode our esteem?

What more shall we endure before there is a major uprising in our country?

What more shall we endure before our Constitution is trampled upon?

What more shall we endure before we lose respect in the world?

What more shall we endure before we act to remove this bully from office?

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