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TESTIMONIAL by Debbie Rosenberg

Nicholas, Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts on this topic. It made me think back to one of the businesses my father started.

Once my brother graduated from college my father had my brother straight out of college in advertising join him in the business. Eventually between the two they managed to turn this once empty shell of a building into the largest in its industry South Florida distributions.

Alone my dad had already been a successful entrepreneur in previous businesses, knew the recipe for success, together with a younger generation they were more powerful. To further address the issue of experienced, elderly people being discarded like yesterday’s news….

We will always have plenty to learn from those before us, for many Corporations, hiring a younger individual for less costly. Additionally, we came up with a retirement age! Yet due to people living longer and therefore wanting and/or needing to work past that retirement age, we have the plenty of fresh, energetic folks past retirement a “dying on vine” I commend you for the article, please continue to write.

Debbie Rosenberg Licensed Real Estate Consultant Keller Williams Realty

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