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November 26th, 2016

TESTIMONIAL by Debbie Rosenberg

Nicholas, Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts on this topic. It made me think back to one of the businesses my father started. Once my brother graduated from college my father had my brother straight out of college in advertising join him in the business. Eventually between the two they managed to turn this once empty shell of a building into the largest in its industry South Florida distributions.… Continue reading


A strange experience is about to happen A never before encounter Eighteen minds confused but, bright Sitting still as they may in fright Waiting for the next chapter to fall into their hands Chapter after chapter They listen with intent As the creator of those prose sounds out in fright Trying to convey in an intelligent tone An audible sound offering the prose Listening with the difficulty I have Trying to make sense of the sounds Ditch is spoken but I, I hear bitch in the air Chapter after chapter I listen intently Not a word that matters to me Not a sound coming for me to hear I must admit, I hear no one has spoken… Continue reading


It was a dark and stormy night, of course Heavy rain, strong winds Threatening destruction A storm I could not have imagined Threatening my existence I search for something to combat the danger I am alone with nothing but tangible matter, A stranger to me How do I fight such an impending force?… Continue reading


With the astounding victorious achievement of President elect Donald Trump, in the US National Election this past November, 2016, comes a growing concern for the people in our country who feel less-than in their daily lives! Some may feel cheated, disenfranchised or simply forgotten by the government of the United States.… Continue reading


TESTIMONIAL Nick De Stefano has been a friend and mentor to me for many years. Nick is passionate about his desire to share his knowledge and experience about business that he has amassed over a lifetime of the practical application of the principles. He is dogged in his efforts to teach good business principles so that others might avoid the pitfalls that await anyone who sets out to start a business without the knowledge that they need to succeed.… Continue reading