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May, 2013

I want to work with you in your business

Hello: I can help you with organizing the work flow in your business. I can help you with reducing your costs associated with running your business. I can assist when you are busy. I can motivate your subordinates so that they will increase their out-put so that you can earn more money and pass it on to your family.… Continue reading

Show your appreciation and support all veterans for your good fortune and FREEDOM!

I whole heartedly salute and respect all veterans for their courage, pride, bravery and, unselfishness that has allowed all Americans and free people of the world to live the joyful and prosperous lives that each of us have and, to live our lives the way we want in FREEDOM!… Continue reading


We all face them but can we define them? We feel the effects of them but, can we identify what they are? Stimulate intellect comes to mind (at least for this argument). Which of itself raises a question: do people like to be challenged or stimulated to think? Do people welcome accountability?… Continue reading