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Today was not a great day in American history however, let not a bad episode in time make a bad day for our country.

Let us remember our greatness as a country and our people and rise above the coward act that took place today in Boston!

We will meet our enemy and defeat him!

Today, we no longer live in the land of the free.

We have become and live in the land of the occupied!

We need to rid ourselves of our enemies on our shores and rid our enemy on theirs as well so that we may be the free people as our forefathers had envisioned us to be!

For now if it requires that we limit our personal freedoms, we will endure that temporary abeyance of our freedom for the good of the greater cause!

We will overcome the aggression to our freedoms! We will prevail and conquer!  

We will not allow cowards to invade our privacy and our freedom! We will win back our diversity!

Take charge NOW America and stand up to the cowards who try to invade our freedom and diversity.

It is their coward and ignorance that is their demise!

We shall overcome!

Let’s do it! 

Thinking about DOING IT has come and gone.

This is a time of call to action!

 Make a commitment America and win back our FREEDOM!

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