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March, 2013

Business Newsletters!

Build your Brand and Brand awareness with the continued use of  Business Newsletters.  Newsletters : A non threatening friendly and currently informative communication between you and your customers and potential clients creating increased brand awareness and brand preference for future business with you. Continued use creates familiarity. SAMPLE NEWSLETTER LINKS: 1.… Continue reading

It is lonely at the top!

Eggs over easy. Eggs over medium. Eggs over hard. Scrambled is better? Decisions, decisions! Entrepreneurs constantly face daunting challenges. Hopefully not about breakfast! There isn’t a day that goes by that an entrepreneur isn’t faced with making a business decision that may offend some and please others. The decision usually is made in the company’s best interest because it is the survival of the business that will perpetuate the very existence of that business and solidify the jobs for workers.… Continue reading

This Is The Season!

It is that time of the year that our thoughts mostly go to our loved ones and of cherished times past. We share with our families and special someone the warmth and glories of this special time of the year the magic of the season. And for some perhaps new precedence will be set for future experiences and commitments they will share together and with others.… Continue reading

The Story Behind The Story!

“Who Sleeps In Your Skin?” THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY It was a devastating blow for me to discover at the young age of forty-nine I had prostate cancer. I felt as if my life was over! Fortunately, there have been many advances in medicine that are attributed to those who have gone before us.… Continue reading


Don’t fire the workers! Fire the leaders who will not lead! Fire the leaders who refuse to learn how to lead. Fire the leaders who will not motivate their workers. Fire the leaders who think they are better and more important than their workers. Fire the leaders who have little or no respect for their workers.… Continue reading


After months of research and preparation we have finally launched our new service “E Video Marketing”. Don’t waste your advertising dollars on people who won’t do business with you! Make your advertising money count with a campaign targeted to the people who want to do business with you for far less than other marketing campaigns and, with a greater return on your investment!… Continue reading


If one starts a business to MAKE MONEY they will fail! PERIOD! Why? Because the main focus or purpose for being in business is a selfish one and, should that thought process prevail, there is no reason for someone to do business with you. Ask yourself this question; “Why should someone do business with you?”… Continue reading


Ideally does your company not exist to: 1. Offer benefits and services to your customers creating the WHY they do business with you? 2. Does your company not exist to provide jobs and security for your workers and their families? 3. And, with good management does your company not exist to provide economic stability in your community?… Continue reading

The Best way to feel good about yourself!

Help your enemy safely cross the street! Befriend your worst critic. Stop paralyzing yourself-work on your self-esteem!… Continue reading

Why do we practice Call Reluctance?

Clearly as sales representatives we recognize the need to be in front of others to deliver our message and make that sale! We truly believe that our product or service is of value to our customers and will benefit them greatly. Yet, we hesitate to contact our prospect. So, why is it that we hesitate to contact our prospect and tell them the good news that we must share with them?… Continue reading
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