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March, 2013

“Is an Abundance of Prosperity, Metaphorical?”

In reference to reading my book “Who Sleeps In Your Skin”? In where I suggest one may experience an abundance of prosperity, a friend asked me the following question “Is an Abundance of Prosperity, metaphorical?” Not at all, I exclaimed! Most people think of material things like a house or a car or, money (Material things) of which I am not embracing, as a measure of prosperity.… Continue reading

Don’t Loose who you are!

You’ll never get yourself back again!… Continue reading

Cold calling for a purpose!

Shouldn’t there be a reason to make a cold call whether in person or on the phone? Must it be a real purpose designed not to offend the recipient of your offer? Or does it really matter? I think the purpose of the cold call should be validated in your opening twelve seconds as to the benefit the person called upon will receive from your invitation and perhaps you interrupting their day.… Continue reading

What is the Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Deep within lies a burning desire to be an individual, a leader of others, not to be a follower but to challenge all that is known to mankind and create that which has not been created before to enhance our world and be noticed and, to be rewarded for our creativity and caring.… Continue reading

The Wisdom of Gifting Yourself Good Health

Health is something we all take for granted every now and then. Thinking that our body does heal itself, we push it to its limits while unaware of doing so. When we don’t feel anything, we rely on our bodies to do magic, adjust and recuperate on its own whether or not there’s something going on inside.… Continue reading

Mother’s Day

This month of May we celebrate a number of events rekindling those certain feelings within us. Let’s look into that warmth and compassion we share in the two well remembered days in May: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Mother’s Day is the specially commemorated day when we would show our utmost gratuity to our mothers and all the other mothers who care for their family and friends unconditionally.… Continue reading

Stress Less

Stress has been part of everyone’s daily trek, be it dealing with work or people. Most often than not, it’s associated with negative thoughts and causes negative effects on us. This day and age it pays to make use of the negative aspects in our environment and turn them into positive influences.… Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day originated in Ireland where St. Patrick is the patron saint. He is known for having converted pagan Irish to Christianity. It is told that he used a shamrock, a three-leaf plant, to explain the Holy Trinity; hence, the shamrock has been associated with St. Patrick’s Day ever since.1 St.… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violet is blue; if you will have me, I will have you… Ring a bell? It’s the cliché in starting out a romantic prose we hear every now and then. Valentine’s day is in the air. The origin of Valentine’s is not likely known to many. People have just grown to understand Valentine’s Day as a time for showing love and affection to their special person.… Continue reading

What Santa Means to Me!

Santa means many different things to many people depending on the culture in which one was raised-if that is a good choice of words RAISED. Especially here in America we are all immigrants or descendants of Immigrants (except of course for the only true Americans, the native Indians who inhabited this land before our Ancestors arrived).… Continue reading
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