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Inner Value

In my book “Who Sleeps In Your Skin?” I discuss our journey in life and compare that to a river’s existence. Each has an origin and each has a destiny; both share its value with mankind.

We begin our journey intuitively at birth with a destiny as a river knows its destiny-a purpose in life where we share with mankind all that our earth has shared with us. As the river uses the earth to forge its way to providence, we as humans navigate through life’s challenges to reach our destiny. As the river encounters obstacles in its way it moves or goes around those obstacles because its destiny is its goal-its objective must be realized with a determination that will not be compromised.

I feel a shared commitment with the river but, I understand a fundamental difference with the river as well. Subconsciously as children, I believe we are sublimely exploited by negative truths from other humans mostly given with good intensions, I’m sure.

However, as time moves on we sometimes experience an uncomfortable feeling should we see ourselves as having inner value; our self-worth somehow being undermined by voices of the past. The need to let go of these restraining paradigms and develop an understanding of ourselves based on our standards, not the standards of others. Only then can we see our true value to ourselves and mankind.
Edit your past, live in the present, and create your future.

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