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Like any structure a house is the sum of its parts, some parts weaker than others the weaker only strengthened by the stronger. Thus it is with family the core from which we descend!

The family unit is primeval to all-a unit created by the sum of its parts that make up the core of the unit of which is family. Without the core there can be no family unit! Humans would not exist!

Often the occurrence of strife is born from ignorance and perhaps the existence of a fundamental weakness in one or another. We just cannot agree with another; but, how true is that?

Why it is so that one must persist in defiance in tongue of reality rather than admit to another?

Could it be that as we have grown in thought and realities that differ from our origins that over the millenniums we defy our instinct and replace instinct with thought? If that is the case, is thought a replacement of primeval instinct? Will thought destroy us and our family unit? Is there a balance that we need to achieve between thought and instinct to preserve our family unit?

One could argue that if thought is a replacement of our primeval instinct, we will be doomed because our instinct is our survival, isn’t it? So what must cause this internal conflict between instinct and thought? Is there another element to consider?

A family unit in strife weakens the core from which it was created. A weakened core cannot survive without the continued strength of its many parts-its house will fall-there is no longer that family unit of security which we all need and is a primeval instinct, isn’t it?

A disagreement is good especially when with open minds we see the challenge of the other and embrace the argument  for what it is, a thought to be discussed not a thought to destroy our core. In my opinion, we all need to heed the warning that strife brings and it will destroy our core security from which we hale and that it is up to us as a member of the family unit that we are obligated to keep the family unit together because in the end, our family is all we have to rely on the rest of what we perceive is non-superlative!

Where do you stand?

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